Tarot – the most common divination tool – is often used as guidance to help people cope with important issues in their life. By reading cards that are selected unseen from a deck, an expert Tarot reader can interpret the interaction of the cards and their positions in a spread. Do you want to learn how to do a Tarot reading for yourself? At first glance, you may find it hard to understand; in fact, it’s quite easy to get started reading the cards yourself.

How to Read Tarot for Yourself?

Tarot is centuries old. Considered as a card game in French parlors and all across Europe, it became a tool of divination around the year 1600. The name Tarot is said to come from Egyptian roots, and reference the Book of Thoth. Nowadays, you can find various kinds of decks on the market – the most widely used is the ‘Rider-Waite’ deck which images symbolize the mysticism and esoterica helping us associate with Tarot. Learning reading cards is not too difficult; unfortunately, few Tarot books explain it simply. They overload the novice with too much information: psychology, astrology, numerology, symbolism, etc.

Guide to Do Tarot Reading for Yourself

Can you give yourself a Tarot reading? What should you do? Let the Tarot teach you – you, firstly, have got to decide with deck you want to work with. We strongly recommend you the Rider-Waite pack which advantages are that the cards retain much of the traditional symbolism; also, all of the cards have a picture to guide and lead you to the right path.

Before starting, you must practice getting to know the cards. Look at each one and determine what it is trying to tell you. How would you interpret the card in a reading? There are two ways to get insights from Tarot cards: 1/ memorizing all the Tarot card meanings that are listed in your Tarot book; or, 2/ using your intuition and psychic abilities to interpret the cards. It’s much better if you can do both – not only knowing and understanding the meanings of the cards, but you also should guide them by availing your intuitive feelings. A standard reading would take HOURS as you need to analyze many elements and aspects.

Reading Tarot Cards for Yourself

You should prepare yourself in advance – retiring to a quiet room and tuning yourself in; importantly, doing a few breathing exercises can help healing your body and mind. When you’re relaxed and your soul is peaceful, the soft voice of your intuition can be heard. Make sure you are sitting comfortably with your deck of Tarot cards in the front, and a notebook and pen nearby.

  • Shuffling your Tarot cards to remove all residual feelings
  • Asking your questions either silently in your mind or out loud
  • Using your left hand to cut the deck in-half and place the top-half on the left
  • Taking notes carefully to gain accurate insights into your life (first impression, body messages, characters, etc.)
  • Noticing the cards’ color, actions, and symbols, and saying the card’s name out loud.

By knowing how to do a Tarot reading for yourself, you’ll be able to understand yourself and find the answer for the challenges you are facing with. Put your faith to Tarot and you can get deep information for your questions.

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What is Lotus Tarot? Here is a tarot card deck created by Alison Day – an experienced online psychic. Similar to the original deck, this version also features 78 divine cards with 22 cards representing the Major Arcana and the other 56 cards indicating the Minor Arcana. What’s about the meaning of each card? Depending on the clients’ situation and energy, the fortune teller will know which kind of message is appropriate to deliver. It’s true that receiving a Lotus Tarot Reading will help you gain clarity and comfort in a life clouded with confusion at a point of time. 

How to get a Free Tarot Reading? Nowadays, it’s easy to experience a spiritual session online, since there are lots of well-trusted psychic communities provide a wide range of divination services. In case you want to take an insight look through a Tarot reading session, we recommend you to enter Kasamba. This place offers you info and sources on Lotus Tarot, New Age Tarot, Osho Tarot, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about this magical tool, the diviner will tell you more about Tarot cards, their history, as well as how these cards will help you throughout your life.

Benefits You Can Expect from Lotus Tarot
Lotus Tarot – What is It?

In daily life; obviously, you have to frequently deal with tough challenges and obstacles all by yourself. It will be much better if you can get help from spiritual guides or angels, right? Having free automatic readings with descriptions allows you to earn the delightful answers instantly for what you have always been curious about. Also, it will give you a fast explanation of what the cards mean in comparison to what you’re dealing with. The only bad thing with automated Tarot card readings is – you can’t interact with an actual human reader who enables to pick up on emotions or use any type of divination to deliver the answers you look for.

Are you struggled with love right now? Let’s take a look at “Love Tarot Reading for free” instantly.

For those who need to keep their personal information privately and ask queries that only they themselves know, a full-length private reading with a precise psychic could be a perfect choice. Below are the advantages you will gain after exchanging info with and receiving the genuine guidance from the reader:

  • Clarity – as humans, we have a tendency to avoid the truth. Sometimes, we don’t know why issues have occurred and how to solve them. The spiritual advice from the reading will lift the fog and offer a clear view on your current circumstance and future.
  • Bring attentions to areas that need work – thanks to the clarity, you’re able to see which areas of your life should be improving right now. Take full advantage of the insights to change your life and shape your best possible future.
  • Make wise decisions – we all have difficult decisions to make in life; but we sometimes have no idea about what to do. Tarot definitely won’t tell you a definite yes/no answer; instead, its information can guide you and ease the decision making process.
  • Give you peace – fear is the biggest barrier to peace within people. Though a Tarot reading can’t tell you exactly what would happen to your future as well as answer all your questions, its information might clear away your fear and find your inner peace.

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Love is something that’s hard to explain – it can be hot and steamy one day, cold and foggy on the next day. Before you fall deeply into a romance, it would be better if you could know how much potential you have with your partner. Why don’t you go online and ask for a support from Love Tarot Reading? It’s an interesting way which enables you to gain insights into your future as well as offering guidance to help finding your destiny and ignite the passion of true love. The Tarot cards’ meanings often give the most likely outcome of the seekers’ relationship.

When asking a diviner to provide you a special free Tarot Reading for Love, he (or she) will activate the most common spread called – three-card Tarot spread. By laying out the cards orderly, the readers are able to answer any inquiry related to relationship (past, present, and future) and deliver a glimpse into your love & romance.

  • The first card indicates your past
  • The second card represents your current situation
  • The third card shows you your possible future (in case you continue on the current path)
Love Tarot Horoscope

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to find Free Online Love Tarot Readings since many websites on the Internet offer this service. All you have to do is – making a careful research and choosing a reliable site. Go there and ask the fortune teller a question, and then, enter it clearly in the typing box. What do you have to do next? Shuffle and cut the deck; after that, you’re asked to pick randomly three Tarot cards. Wait for a couple of seconds to receive full information regarding your situation.

Not many people have time to see a Tarot reader in-person; that’s why speaking through Tarot readings online can give you instant answers toward your questions.

The given details in Love Tarot Reading will let you know what situation you are facing with and the challenges you need to take on. Don’t be sad if the results are not what you expected. Focus on the guidance and advice in the report, and you will get over the obstructions in relationship.

A lot of people are attracted to love tarot readings. Whenever you think of the future, tarot readings may hit your head. However, the process of predicting your love life is easy said than done. As you browse through the internet, you will come across many love tarot readers. Most of these entrepreneurs have made a massive fortune out of this venture. In case you meet up with the right kind of love tarot readers, you will have the wit to increase your chances of meeting the right partner. So, are you hunting for advice on how you should use love tarot readings? If yes, you will find this article useful! The next few lines will give you a quick glimpse on how to read a love tarot card accurately.

Using Love Tarot Cards

How Would You Use Love Tarot Cards?

Initial, love tarot readings are based on cards. These cards are paired with guides, which will help you understand the meaning of each tarot card. If you have no access to any of these resources, don’t worry or feel lost. Instead, you can search through the internet to get hold of love tarot cards. Psychic websites will undeniably support you with a huge array of tarot cards. Apart from love tarots, you will have access to financial tarots, spiritual cards and much more.

Cracking Love Tarot Cards

Secondly, you should select a tarot list. Questions like “Do you love me?” will work well with yes/no tarot spreads. On the other hand, bigger questions will require longer answers. For instance, queries like “How to meet a special someone?” will require deeper responses. Love tarot readings can be used to identify a sturdy answer to such questions. To be more precise, the Tarot cards will help you kick start a great love life. Generally, love tarot cards can be read using two different methods. Here is a quick glance through these techniques:

  • The Celtic method uses the past, present and future of individuals. If your question is on love, Celtic method is what you need.
  • The Zodiac method is strongly related with love and relationships. If you want a romantic future, you should uncover real facts about your inner-soul for a stronger and firmer
  • The reverse technique will give you a broader insight into your love life. The reverse method would start with your obstacles and figure out your real strengths. However, be very careful and check if the Celtic method coincides with the reverse technique.

A better understanding of Love, Life and Romance!

Finally, if you are going through a tough challenge in your love life, you should get hold of a good love tarot card reader. The professionals will direct you in the right path and make you a lot more lovable! They will help you redefine your relationship status and view towards love. Always bear in mind that professionals with several years of experience in the field of love tarot reading, would have a better understanding of love, life and romance!

The Tarot is one of many forms of divination. For centuries, the mystic cards have been used commonly to predict the potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person or an event. Do you wonder ‘How Do Tarot Cards Work‘? Interestingly, the technical term for a tarot reading is – taromancy (divination through the use of Tarot cards), which is a subsection of cartomancy (divination through cards in general).

It’s easy to get the basic idea behind the Tarot – this is a spiritual deck made up from 78 cards: 22 cards in Major Arcana and 56 cards in Minor Arcana. Each card has a particular meaning regarding a specific concept of life or experience. When performing a Tarot reading, the fortune tellers will shuffle the cards and lay them out in a ‘spread’. Every spread has different card numbers, positions, and patterns which indicate a certain aspect of life. During the session, the readers will interpret the meanings of chosen cards and consider whether they correspond to your situation. Later, you will receive genuine guidance and advice for your current state of life.

Do Tarot Card Readings Really Work?
How Does The Tarot Work?

Actually, tarot readings DO work when the whole progress is done correctly. These cards and their insightful meanings will be your huge source of guidance and help. They are a great way to explore a variety of creative thinking processes which can deliver out-of-the-box answers for your questions. What are your experiences with Tarot card readings? Have they been able to help you resolve issues? Have they worked in guiding you towards a better life? Go online and check out Free Tarot Card Readings now!

Can Tarot predict the future? As you may know, future is not set in stone, so most diviners believe that an absolute prediction of future events is not impossible. Instead focusing on future, the Tarot cards are mainly used to gain foresight on possible outcomes as well as examining influences about the subjects or problems at hand before the reading.

We’ve mentioned this above, a spread is the arrangement of cards dealt in a private reading session. Each fixed position in a spread is associated with a different aspect of your inquiries phrased. The two most common Tarot spreads are – The Three Fates and the Celtic Cross. Besides, depending on your own situation, the readers will consider the most suitable one and interpret its meaning for you.

  • The Three Fates: this spread includes three main cards – one represents the past, one indicates the present, and the last one dedicates the future.
  • The Celtic Cross: this spread is the combination of 10 cards. Each represents a life aspect of an individual, such as past and future influences, conflicting influences, and personal hopes.

Back to the main idea, how can the cards arrange themselves into a meaningful pattern? The one and only reason is – synchronicity. It can be defined as ‘the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection’ , according to Carl Jung. Essentially, there are no coincidences; in fact, the cards are simply a reflection of the unconscious mind of the client. For more information, read more in Lotus Tarot Meaning.

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